Le chemin vers la rivière by Jean-Charles Neufcour

Artmosphere 2

April 21 – May 12, 2023


With an exhibition of recent works by 43 international artists, Rossocinabro opens the second edition of ‘Artmosphere’ on 21st April on the occasion of the Rome Art Night. They are almost all canvases both large and small, photographs, some small sculptures and really special design objects. An immersion in the emotionally engaging and suggestive works, realized only through a conscious artistic and aesthetic research. Contemporary art is refined, it’s cultured and it’s not elitist, it’s playful and it’s amazing. It’s tradition and innovation, it’s affordable luxury. It’s memory, irony, ethics and technique.

A mirror of the future.

Kimberly Adamis (USA), Regina Affonso (Portugal), Elaine Ashburn (USA), Brian Avadka Colez (USA), Teresa Bellini (Italy), Antonella Caponio (Italy), André Colinet (Belgium), Alessio Costantini (Italy), Nathanael Cox (USA), Begoña Cubero Marcos (Spain), Durlindana (Italia), John Dobson (Australia), Durlindana (Italy), Johanna Elbe (Sweden), Ulf Enhörning (Sweden), Maria Evseeva (Russia/Spain), GusColors (USA), Cosme Herrera (USA), Chantal Hulshoff (The Netherlands), Carina Evelina Johnsrud (Sweden), Corina Karstenberg (The Netherlands), Monika Katterwe (Germany), Giorgi Kavelashvili (Georgia), Bulgan Khatanbaatar (Germany), Rebeccah Klodt (USA), Kirsten Kohrt (Germany), Chikara Komura (Japan), Gil Lachapelle (France), Simi Larisch (Germany), Megan Lee (The Netherlands), Fiona Livingstone (Australia), Jean Charles Neufcour (France), Pawel Opalinski (Poland), Yuri Okada (Japan), Sal Ponce Enrile (Philippines), Théodora Sebestyén – ArtByTheo (Hungary), Sou (Japan), Luana Stebule (UK), Christophe Szkudlarek (France), Taka & Megu (Japan), Josefina Temin (México), Nadia Turato (Italy), Janusz Tworek (Poland)

Credit image: Le chemin vers la rivière by Jean-Charles Neufcour 

Let’s embark on this journey together, embracing the suggestive and multifaceted nature of art’s influence on our experience.

Joe Hansen


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