Credit image: Binta Diaw per la Diciannovesima Giornata del Contemporaneo, Pa(y)sage Corporel, 2023

XIX Giornata del Contemporaneo

October 7 – 19, 2023 

MENDING Past and Future Intertwine

For the XIX “Day of Contemporary Art”, promoted by AMACI (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums)

Rome, October 7, 2023 – rossocinabro is pleased to present “Mending, Past and Future Intertwine,” an exhibition featured during the 19th “Day of Contemporary Art” promoted by AMACI. This year as well, the featured theme is ecology and sustainability.

The underlying theme of this edition of the Day of Contemporary Art addresses global environmental and ecosystem urgencies, prompting a profound reflection on the role of contemporary art in inspiring awareness and broader sensitivity to these crucial issues.

The exhibition “Mending, Past and Future Intertwine” offers an artistic experience that embraces the inseparable bond between humanity and Nature, exploring the need to care for the surrounding environment as an integral part of our lives. Through artworks that merge the past and future, the exhibition invites the audience to consider the proactive power each individual has in shaping their own destiny.

Art, as the prophetic ability to imagine and create new worlds, is expressed through the dynamic reinterpretation of the past, inspiring choices and actions that will define our future. “Mending, Past and Future Intertwine” represents this vision in a captivating conceptual weave, like an intricate mending where visitors are the threads that complete the work.

“Just as threads interweave the canvas, it is ourselves who forge our destiny.” This exhibition serves as a call to take action, to reflect on our responsibility towards the environment and society. We have the power to mend the fabric of our existence, consciously choosing the path to undertake.

The exhibition serves as a testament to rossocinabro’s mission of exploring and promoting contemporary art that goes beyond the surface, addressing the challenges and opportunities of the present era with depth and sensitivity.

The artists confront the complexity of our history and the fluidity of time, proposing a dynamic and never-static reinterpretation of what has been.

“Mending, Past and Future Intertwine” will be open to the public from October 7th to October 19th, 2023. The exhibition promises to inspire a deep reflection on our relationship with the past, present and future, offering an extraordinary opportunity to explore the central role of art in guiding our path towards sustainability.

Artists: Annamaria Biagini, Ioana Cozbaru, Herrera Cosme, Jean Cherouny, Elena Cholet, John Dobson, Daniela Doni, Fadiese, Mercedes Franklin, Anastasia Gangal, GetFreaky, Lukas Horst, Kirsten Kohrt, Mark Krawczynski, Mariko Kumon, Fiona Livingstone, Elisabetta Pienti, Erwin Rios, Pilar Rivero, Masayo Sakai, Jomay Tam, Radu Tikanete, Kaiyen Tu, Nadia Turato, Mariëlle Vroemen, Worapol

AMACI is the Association of 24 Italian Contemporary Art Museums. On Saturday, October 7, 2023, the Day of Contemporary Art will take place, the annual event organized by AMACI to bring art to the general public.

Curator: Cristina Madini –  Text: Miriana Castellana


We are excited to continue this annual tradition since 2008.

Cristina Madini


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