Credit image: Passage n.9 by Stephen Harper

L' Arte è il luogo in cui celebriamo l'incomprensibile

8 April – 31 May

The exhibition of international artists organized by Rossocinabro will open on April 8th and run until May 31st: Art is the place where we celebrate the incomprehensible.

Art is the universal language that allows us to explore the incomprehensible. Through its various forms, we can express emotions, ideas, and concepts that defy rationality and understanding. Rossocinabro invites you to embark on the discovery of the suggestive and complex vision of the role of art in our experience, opening ourselves to different reflections.

Art portrayed as the exploration of the unknown, the ability to delve into the mysteries of existence, to venture into territories that reason cannot fully explain. An example of this would be abstract art, which challenges rational understanding with evocative shapes and colors; or surreal art, which explores the depths of the subconscious. In these cases, art allows us to confront the incomprehensible, to sense and feel it in a new way.

Art, as an expression of deep emotions, can give voice to feelings that elude words. Think of a painting that conveys pain, love, or unutterable, overwhelming joy. In these cases, art becomes a channel to communicate what cannot be expressed rationally, a way to perceive the intangible.

Art, as a search for meaning, in the face of the absurdity of life, can offer us a key to interpretation, a way to make sense of the incomprehensible. Artists can tackle themes as that of death or explore the complexity of human relationships. In both cases, art helps us find meaning in the most difficult experiences.

Art, as a celebration of beauty, because beauty, in a sense, can also be considered incomprehensible and enigmatic. Beauty attracts and moves us, even though it is not always explainable in rational terms. Art, in all its forms, celebrates the beauty of the world and allows us to grasp its deepest essence.

Art pictured as a subjective experience because what is fathomless for one person can be clear to another. Art offers a subjective experience, through which each individual finds their own interpretation key. In this sense, art becomes a place of sharing and confrontation, where different visions of the incomprehensible meet and enrich each other.

Ultimately, art does not provide definitive answers, but it gives us the chance to question the incomprehensible, to feel it and experience it more deeply. Art is a journey to discover what we do not know, a journey that enriches us and makes us more aware of the complexity of the world and ourselves.

This exhibition celebrates art’s ability to connect us with the unknown and mystery. The exhibited works explore a variety of themes, from the essence of human nature to the secrets of the universe. This collection of diverse artists will develop over two months, to accurately depict this theme. The complete list of artists will be updated in real-time on our website with new works arriving.

Mariana Branco, Christopher Evans, Elena Furgal, Jo Going, Stephen Harper, Ilka Henkel & Paul Heinrich Neuhorst, Helene Jellestad, John, Monika Katterwe, Ian Kingsford-Smith, Rebeccah Klodt, Fiona Livingstone, Paul Scott Malone, Bobby Austin Mowbray, Pawel Opalinski, Mirjo Partanen, Utaellamarie Peter, Anastaska Po, Aleksandra Pomorisac, Sal Ponce Enrile, Gayle Printz, Monika Schönbacher-Frischenschlager, Sitelle,  Tamara Sweere, Josefina Temin, Faderera Wahab, Junzhong Zhao.

Credit image: Passage n.9 by Stephen Harper 

Let’s embark on this journey together, embracing the suggestive and multifaceted nature of art’s influence on our experience.

Cristina Madini


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