Credit image: Carolina Barbolla

Firenze Contemporary 3

23 – 31 March, 2024

From 23rd to 31st March Firenze Contemporary comes to life – with Saturday 23rd March evening vernissage followed by special openings – to discover contemporary art in Florence. The event, at its second edition, is an alternative or an enrichment for those interested in the emerging and less institutional scene; a warm up organized by Rossocinabro not only as a preview of the novelties on display in Rome, but also as a taste of the off activities that Rossocinabro aims to develop throughout the year. The works for this event come from all over the world. Painting, sculpture, photography and digital art await you in the center of Florence with an extraordinary evening opening every day until 10pm including Sunday.

Artists: Shafaq Ahmad (USA), Yuiko Amano (Japan/United Kingdom), Safaa Berra (France), Helga Borbàs (Hungary), Fabio Borg (Malta), Меglena Bozhanova (Bulgaria), Mariana Branco (Brazil), Jean-Marc Brégeault (France), Stella Caviart (Greece), Ioana Cobzaru (The Netherlands), Stavros Ditsios (Greece), Christine El Ojeil (Lebanon), Maria Evseeva (Russia/Spain), Fadiese (France), Jo Going (USA), Jean-Marie Guyaux (Spain), Stephen Harper (France), Chia-Yen Ho (Taiwan), Mi-ri Jeong (South Korea), Eva Kaiser (Salzburg/Austria), Agnieszka Kamińska (Poland), Bulgan Khatanbaatar (Mongolia/Germany), Rebeccah Klodt (USA), Kirsten Kohrt (Germany), Mariko Kumon (Japan), Gessica La Pira (Italia), Gudrun Latten (Germany), Liadaan (Australia), Denitsa Mihaylova (Bulgaria), Bobby Austin Mowbray (USA), Onsil (South Korea), Kseniya Oudenot (UK), Nina Pauloff (Finland), Elisabetta Pienti (USA), Alexandra Piras (Belgium), Marco Riha (Austria/Mexico), Clara Rump (The Netherlands), Marinela Rusu (Romania), Masayo Sakai (Japan), Riccardo Salusti (Italia), Sonia Salvetti (Italia), Dalia Slep (Lithuania), Dojoong Jo Soilart (South Korea), Raf Tarnawski (Poland/Sweden), Nancy Jo Ward (California/USA)

We look forward to welcoming you from Monday to Sunday, from 3 to 10 pm, in Via Ghibellina 105 – 111, Firenze 

Let’s embark on this journey together, embracing the suggestive and multifaceted nature of art’s influence on our experience.

Cristina Madini


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