Credit image: Quetzalcoatl Tenace by Leyla Brashka

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Take a Look

3 giugno – 15 luglio 2024

Rossocinabro is pleased to present the exhibition Take a Look, an engaging exploration of the current artistic panorama through the works of international artists.

Curated by Cristina Madini, the exhibition features a wide variety of media, including painting, sculpture, photography and video. The works on display reflect a range of contemporary themes, including identity, globalisation, the environment and technology. 

Take a Look offers a unique opportunity to discover new talents and appreciate the diversity of contemporary artistic production. The exhibition invites the public to “take a look” at the world around us through the lens of the artists, stimulating reflection and dialogue. 

Quoting Cristina Madini “Take a Look is an exhibition that celebrates creativity and innovation in contemporary art. The artists on display offer us a unique vision of the world, inviting us to look beyond appearances and reflect on important issues of our time.”

Artist of Gallery in exhibition.

Credit image: Quetzalcoatl Tenace, réplica de pleza Quetzalcoatl que fue parte en parte en Burning Man ANIMALIA 2023 by Leyla Brashka

Let’s embark on this journey together, embracing the suggestive and multifaceted nature of art’s influence on our experience.

Cristina Madini


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