Nino Balkhamishvili


Untitled chelo - 36x100 cm
Untitled 2 - acrylic tea bag 29x23 cm
Untitled 2 - acrylic brush 30x40 cm
Untitled - feather acrylic 30x40 cm Untitled chelo - 36x100 cm

My name is Nino Bal, and I am a recycling artist as well as a set painter for film and TV studios. I studied and completed a degree in set painting for film and TV studios at the Art Academy in Tbilisi. Currently, I live and work in Germany, where I lead various art projects and work at an art school I have had exhibitions in several countries and successfully collaborate with various galleries. My works are primarily made from recycled materials, aiming to raise awareness about sustainability and environmental protection.

For me, it is especially important that a picture tells a story. My artworks have been presented in renowned galleries and at international art fairs where they have garnered great interest and recognition. I place great value on creative processes and innovative approaches and enjoy working with other artists and art institutions. My passion for art and the environment is reflected in all my works.

In my free time, I like to experiment with new techniques and materials to further develop my art. 1 am constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand my artistic vision. My goal is to inspire people with my art and to initiate positive changes in the world.