QUETZALCOATL TENACE réplica de pleza Quetzalcoatl que fue parte en Burning Man ANIMALIA 2023 placa de metal con vitral en base de madera de parota Escala de 1:8 de la original 44 cm alto x 88 cm largo x 3 cm ancho - 3kg

About the work

Material: metal ,sheet plaque 5/16,stained glass

Quetzalcóatl prehispanic god, the “feathered serpent “, who is the god creator of men and who gave them the corn, is the most powerful god in Mesoamerica, is taken as a representative of our prehispanic legacy that lives inside of us as Mexicans, being ourselves also, that Quetzalcoatl.

The philosophy of the piece is to express the rich ancestral heritage Mexico has as a country, full of diverse cultures  and traditions and to honor that heritage through sharing a bit of it throughout one of its most important gods and intriguing mythological creature that is Quetzalcoatl.

The tail is a corn honoring the gift of Quetzalcóatl to humanity of such important and precious food, primordial base food in our ancestors until nowadays. The corn tail is a musical instrument, each of the kernels is a leather drum that people can interact and play music with. 

Quetzalcoatl was part of the Honoraria Project Quetzalcoatl Reborn at Burning Man Animalia 2023.


Brashka´s work explores the intrinsic bond we have with nature and claims that a new way of relating with it has to come, being a crucial and constant theme in her work to reconnect with Mother Earth.

Her artwork proposes the utopic possibility of a new race of nature beings, imagining how they would be and representing them through different mediums such as etchings, ceramics, engravings and mixed media. 

Always interested in learning new mediums and having more possibilities of expressing an idea or concept and working through out it, she creates her personal art work and also gets to blend in a way her psychoanalysis bases with art to make Collective Projects and pieces. 

Involved in public space projects, as a way to raise awareness and make a statement about actual themes such as environmental issues that affect us as humanity, as well as our jeopardize relation with our Mother Earth, which we are part of. 

Have made and collaborated in several community and social collective projects, as consider art is a great way of interacting with the community and generate social transformation along with it.