Preeti and Prashant Chacko


Hallelujah! - framed 71x50 cm
Hold that Pose - framed 53x71 cm




We are Preeti and Prashant Chacko, Dubai based photo artists with a specific interest in showcasing animals in the wild, in black and white. We believe that wild animals are beautiful, sentient beings brimming with stature, grace, sensitivity and strength. We portray these in our work. 

Our interest lies in conveying the emotions that we felt when we saw the subject of our photographs. We try to achieve this by showing the beauty of nature “unnaturally”, by stripping it away of colour and often experimenting with high and low-key processing, in-camera motion blurs and occasionally abstract minimalism.  

We genuinely believe that people will try and protect things that they find beautiful. When it comes to wild animals, our own personal experience has taught us that a majority of people have grave misconceptions about wildlife and are also unaware of the severe threat that they face from man. The primary belief about wild animals is that they are dangerous and are just waiting to attack humans. This is a trope that we are careful not to feed by showing scenes of violence, aggression or gore. Instead we try to capture beauty, sensitivity and human-like emotion with our work.