Christopher Evans


Birch Forrest - mosaic, paper hole punches 70 x 76 cm
Box Car Graffiti - mosaic, paper hole punches 76.8 x 50.8 cm


Native Californian, I grew up loving both the mountain wilderness and coastal beaches.  Much of my early life relied on and was inspired by my grandmother who always told me that when in heaven, we will paint clouds.  The love and study of art has been informal self education but the appreciation of art in all forms has always been a constant.  I stumbled into using paperhole punches as a medium while renting out a room during a challenging chapter of my life.  Art at that time had been on the backburner for years and I missed creating.  When things began to settle I began to think about creating more and more even though I had very little money.  I love oil painting but it is expensive to start, acrylic wasn’t giving me any inspiration at the time and I had already experimented with it a lot in the past. As I began to consider how mobile I would be throughout my life, I looked at the newspaper and magazine next to me.  There was an image of a profile of a man smoking a cigarette and I began thinking of how cool it would be to make cut out circles to mimic the smoke rising from the lite cig.  I thought about how I would do it…..  Glue sticks are cheap…. tweezers are cheap… newspapers can be found for free… all that was left was time. My life goal is to meld mosaic work with realism so as to not be able to see the difference.

Exhibition and Awards

Rossocinabro Gallery  Current 2024 Roma Italia

Merced Highschool Guest lecturer April 2024

Merced, CA The Bunker Underground.  April  2023 Sacramento, CA

Artprize  1st place favorite Sept. 2023

Grand Rapids, MI Apothic Heart Collective July 2018 Sacramento, CA

Stranger Things 2. January  2018.  Sacramento, CA

Art from the Heart Dec. 2017 Sacramento, CA

Apothic Heart Collective July-Dec. 2016 Sacramento, CA

Stranger Things 1 Dec, 2016  Sacramento, CA

Bill Murray Invitational July, 2016 San Francisco, CA