Mario Formica

Variazioni sulla Pala di Brera - polimaterico su tavola Lavorato con tempere e colle. Angeli a pastello. Conchiglia e uovo legno. Stoffe cementate. Parti meccaniche varie. cm 150 x 100
Le due Lune polimaterico su tavola. Lavorato con tempere e colle. Figure a pastello e tempera. Oggetti meccanici vari cm 65 x 47


Mario Formica, graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, put on shows such as “Cats”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, and so on. As a scenographer, he put on also several paintings and photos exhibitions. In 2004 he began to produce works using technological waste, maintaining, at the same time, his love and study for the Italian Art of the XIV and XV centuries, and entitled this production: DIFFERENTIATED DRY WASTE. After exhibiting his works in Cattolica, Rimini and Riccione, he reached the Françoise Calcagno Art Studio in Venice and, afterwards,  the Burgassi Art Gallery in Florence. In 2007 he made exhibitions in Florence, Sansepolcro, Genoa and Treviso. In 2008 he made an exhibition in Rome, in the Bramante rooms. Six works have been purchased by the M.J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego and five pictures for “ Alice in Wonderland” are at the Katri Johansson Gallery of Malmo. In 2007, beside DIFFERENTIATED DRY WASTE, he exhibited a new production in Rimini: “THE TAROTS”, the 22 Major Arcana, considered in a surreal and ironical context.