Chia-Yen Ho


Difflora N°230515 acrylic on canvas 65 x 45 x 2 cm
Mutanimal N°240111 - mixed media on canvas (acrylic, old wooden beads, various old electrical wires) 60 x 50 x 3,5 cm

Starting in 2023, I began the creation of the Difflora series, depicting the fusion and variation of different plant species. The Difflora series depict heterogeneous fusion and variations, as well as novel plant elements, portraying their growth, integration, and interactive patterns, representing the imagery of plant variation and fusion. This series presents various elements resembling biological cells, organs, and postures of similar variations, depicting the new forms of hybridization and variation.
This artwork is inspired by the season of blooming flowers in April when elegant white jasmine blossoms in the park, exuding a delicate and charming fragrance. I admire the dazzling light reflecting off the white jasmine petals, creating a rich palette of delicate hues. I try to capture the impression of “delicacy” that I feel from the jasmine bushes.This painting stems from the beautiful sensation of delicacy from the white jasmine bushes, not depicting jasmine itself but the impression brought by the environment and the overall delicate posture, aura, and luster. It is the emotion of the spring jasmine bushes. Through the Difflora series, my artwork can be seen as a reflection and imagination of the impact of overdevelopment on biodiversity. The Difflora series attempts to construct a beautiful utopia distinct from reality within this weighty subject matter.

In 2024, I initiated the Mutanimal series, interpreting the evolutionary variations of biodiversity. The “Mutanimal” series to express my imagination and exploration of the overlapping realms of animals and the human world, discussing issues such as biodiversity, identity, interspecies, and transcending races. The Mutanimal series explores the imagination and overlap between the animal world and the human world.
« Mutanimal N°240111 » is created using discarded electronic wires such as iPhone charging cables and DuPont wires. By combining recycled wires and second-hand materials, the artwork addresses issues related to environmental sustainability. It delves into topics of biodiversity and interspecies interactions. Through the artwork, I aim to engage in a dialogue with the audience, prompting reflections on the complex relationship between nature and society, as well as contemplating diversity and symbiosis in life. This artwork can be seen as a reflection and imagination of the
impact of excessive environmental development on biodiversity. Faced with the impact of human-made environments, perhaps new adaptable life forms will emerge.
The development of unexpectedly vibrant species masks the complex, harsh, and ever-changing truths of the environment behind a positive and beautiful facade.