Marcus Luconi


Canyon Face – 40.4 x 27.6” (80x62cm)- Matte Canvas on Stretcher Frame
Blue Waterfall - 35.4 x 27.6” (80x62cm) Photography – Matte Canvas on Stretcher Frame
Mimicry In Stone- 31.5 x 39.8” (80x100cm)


70 years old, Brazilian and Italian, lives and works in Porto Alegre city, Brazil. Photographer passionate about images produced with the human figure, portraits, environments with natural light, mixture of lights, all light is fundamental and used in my art. Elemental, a photographic series created in 1996 that continues to this day,  Contemporary. Models, chosen by affinity, small team with professionals specialized in characterization, body painting and props from the environment itself. Shapes found in nature, Symbiosis, Mimicry, Camouflage, used as image references. My art is based on original and creative photographic techniques. Transparent color film, analog cameras, without pre-production assembly. The Human and the Environment. Respect between species.