Utaellamarie Peter


Bananen mit Zwiebeln acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cm
Abstracts acrylic on canvas 80 x 60 cm


“I paint, therefore I am’ Perceiving and reflecting – in a world flooded with news and images, painting offers a space for debate and positioning. And it is my personal source of joy when creative ideas ‘grow’ into reality.



The works of Utaellamarie Peter are mostly figurative or semi-abstract, often large-format, colorful, in acrylic or oil. She deals with a variety of themes, realizing whatever comes to her mind, which is broadly diversified. She likes to show the surprising, the strange, even the surreal in her works. Among other things, she creates imaginative hybrid creatures, so-called hybrids, in which she mixes the heads and bodies of different species. In addition to the figurative works, she simply follows the brush in abstract works and lets herself be surprised by the result. Utaellamarie Peter studied at the European Academy of Art in Trier and the Kunstwerkstatt Mainz. She now works as a freelance artist and exhibits her work in Germany and abroad.