Gayle Printz


Catching Waterfalls - acrylic on canvas 35,56 x 45,72 cm
Lagoon - acrylic on canvas 29,94 x 35,56 cm
Abstract II - acrylic on canvas 49,8 x 40,64 cm
Fauna - acrylic on canvas 35,56 x 45,72 cm


Listen to the whispers of your imagination… (Gayle Printz)

Art is a universal language. It transcends boundaries. It allows us to communicate, find meaning and experience the world together. In May of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, I picked up my first paintbrush to bring light back to a world darkened by Covid-19. Five months later my work was added to the Permanent Exhibit of Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou in France. Now a World Master Artist, with over 1500 International Art Awards, I am considered one of the most important Contemporary Artists of our time. Soaring in value, my paintings rank among the World’s Top Art Investments.

Every painting tells a story. My contribution is to create a painting that entices you to wonder and think what that story might be. Of course, there is a creative process that precedes this. First, I choose colors that will either complement one another, or not complement one another at all, depending upon how I feel. Color, movement, and texture then become the focus of my composition as I explore where the paint takes me. Because I am what you might refer to as a blank slate, I can fearlessly lose myself in the painting. The absence of training gives me the freedom to experiment and, by doing so, create a painting that is completely my own. Choosing to reflect upon the beauty that remained in a world interrupted, I now want to share this truly inspirational journey with those willing to listen to the whispers of their imagination.

It can be difficult to get past the distractions inherent in abstract art because the meaning is not as defined for the viewer as it might be in the work of classic painters. Though my work is not purely abstract, it does create a non-literal view of the world. It allows me to explore freedom of expression in an untraditional way. When the paint dries, that freedom of thought—the freedom to develop and safely express your own opinion—is transferred to the viewer to consider what makes that piece meaningful to them. I may never tell you the story a painting is meant to suggest, but this is because that story is yours to tell. The only limitations are your imagination and the willingness to explore what is inside of you.

By translating the colors of my world into the universal language of art, I hope to inspire all people to celebrate the beauty in life. When you look at one of my paintings, I hope it creates an intrigue and value that differs from what you usually see and feel. I encourage each of you to let your imagination be the lens through which you find meaning in my work. For when you embrace being in an unfamiliar world, there is a richness and tranquility that can fill your soul. And I hope my artwork fills yours.