Inita Sabanska


Storm - oil on canvas 40x30 cm
Variations on the theme of the Sea - oil on canvas 40x30 cm


My name is Inita Sabanska. I was born in Latvia in 1970. I have a higher education. Since childhood, I had a great interest in both art and literature. I held my first solo exhibition of paintings at the age of 22. age in Latvia. I work hard to create my original artistic handwriting, which is most in line with my temperament and philosophy. My paintings can range from a lyrical impressionist style to emotionally powerful art with big strokes of color. Nature and music in a philosophical perspective are my main source of inspiration.

In recent years, I have been actively participating in international art platforms in different countries. I have received high recognition and award-winning places in Germany, France, Luxembourg, Italy, USA, Hong Kong, etc. At the same time, I also write. I am the author of several books in Latvian.