Vicki Svedrell


Golden Shore - watercolour on paper 21x30 cm
Cold Haze - watercolour on paper 23x31 cm


Vicki Svedrell was born in 1960 in Malmö, Sweden, and is currently living in Ystad, a town on the south coast of Sweden. Vicki started painting as a child, and has begun painting again as an adult (after an interval, caused by a stroke, that made her partially visually impaired), whereupon she has been studying for various Swedish artists, like e g Rikard Vakil, an artist that has created some of the diplomas for the Nobel Prize, as well as Emma Karp Lundström, who is a famous Swedish painter, known for her large scale outdoor artworks made of various fruits, like e g apples, at Kivik, a village on the south coast of Sweden. Vicki Svedrell is a member of The Swedish Artists’ Organization, The Visually Impaired Artists’ and Artisans’ Organization, as well as The Nordic Watercolour Society. Her works have been exhibited throughout Sweden, Spain, USA, Italy and Austria. 

I started painting as a child. After a long interval, I intended to begin again as an adult, but thought for a period of time, that I would have to give it up because I became visually impaired due to a stroke. However, I eventually found a way to begin anew, thanks to some artists that inspired and guided me how to start painting again. They showed me various ways to overcome the practical difficulties that my visual impairment has caused me. I have thus gradually begun to cross new borders of creativity, and explore how far it may take me.


Artist statement

Painting is like going away on a journey, into the very core of the motive itself. My art leaves the field open to free interpretations by the spectator, perhaps evoking a memory, a dream or a sentiment.