Torsten THOTRA Trantow


Acrylic Abstract no. 16/24 - acrylic on canvas 100x70 cm
Acrylic Abstract no. 11/24 - acrylic on canvas 50x40 cm


After training as a graphic designer, I have been working as a freelance illustrator and comic artist for publishers for over 20 years. My passion for art has existed since my youth. However, I only started abstract painting late, a few years ago. My work to date has been characterized by the exploration of colors, surfaces, textures and emotions, often using unusual materials and techniques to depict deeper human experiences and fragility. My works move in the field of tension of abstraction, inspired by the dynamic urban landscapes as well as the contrast to the rural idyll, the colors and textures of nature, everyday life. The choice of my materials, such as light papers and canvases, reinforces the feeling of transience and the almost invisible. By experimenting with areas of color, layers and textures, I create works that radiate different sensations both from a distance and up close.

Born on May 29, 1975 and raised in a small town in the Rhine Valley of southern Germany, I discovered the urban energy and diversity of big cities as an adult and integrated it into my art. I am particularly moved by the urban facades and walls with their graffiti, which often inspire me. These impressions have shaped me and are reflected in the diversity of my work. I create art to capture emotions in my pictures, in colors, surfaces, textures. My works are meant to stimulate thought and lead the viewer from a playful to a deeper, physical reflection of their own existence. My goal is to find the fleeting moment of harmony between colors and textures. To dare an experimental journey to create a work whose goal is still open during the creative process.